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Founders Capital Management, Inc.

Houston, Texas

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Values And Integrity
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At Founders Capital Management, Inc. we construct, monitor and maintain investment portfolios for a limited number of wealthy families.
Our clients have achieved a measure of success in a variety of professional and business fields. Being successful, they recognize that accumulating wealth is vastly different from managing wealth. They engage us precisely because of our objective advice and consistent style and method.
We specialize in discretionary portfolio management by investing in a wide variety of securities. Our founding principles guide our every-day work from investment philosophy and security selection, to client service and communication.
You will appreciate that we adhere to a code of exceptional standards and ideals established by the founders of our Republic. We believe they embody some of the finest virtues relating to dedication and service, and are as appropriate in business today as they were nearly two centuries ago.
Founders Capital Management, Inc.
Phone: 713-877-1188
Fax: 713-877-1044
4400 Post Oak Parkway, Suite 2540
Houston, TX 77027