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Founders Capital Management, Inc.

Houston, Texas

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"A leader is someone who helps improve the lives of other people or improves the system they live under." Sam Houston
 We believe that improving the lives and protecting the financial security of clients and their families is one of the highest professional callings. Providing lasting economic stability that is able to span generations is what motivates us in our daily responsibilities.
 Our clients have achieved a level of success which provides them the luxury of having multiple options of advisers to engage. We recognize this fact, so we distinguish ourselves from others in the investment industry as an independent Registered Investment Adviser, notably by several key features:
  •  Fiduciary standards. The responsibilities we owe to our clients require a higher level of legal and regulatory burdens, and surpass those of ordindary brokers. High net worth investors especially should expect no less.


  •  Fee only. Our compensation is based solely on a small annual fee. We view commissions as a cost not a source of revenue, thus we have no incentive to trade excessively.


  •  Limited power of attorney relationship. All accounts are held exclusively in client name, with our authorization limited to buying and selling securities. Our clients always maintain ultimate authority over their accounts.