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Founders Capital Management, Inc.

Houston, Texas

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"The prosperity of Texas has been the object of my labors." Stephen F. Austin
We believe the definition of prosperity is largely subjective, and as unique as each of our clients. Still, within each individual beats a life-giving heart, with a vital purpose that is common to all.
One of the most important responsibilities for an investment adviser is to discover for each client what is critical for their prosperity and security, which often means underscoring distinctions between necessities and desires.
Our purpose is to identify our clients' recognized investment goals and objectives, as well as point out strategies they may have not considered, which may have beneficial legal or tax consequences.
  •  Investment objectives. In our experience, many individual investors have multiple and often conflicting goals. We prioritize what is currently most important, while always having the flexibility to change objectives over time.


  •  Beneficiaries and heirs. Many of our clients with substantial wealth are no longer investing for themselves, but rather for their spouses, children or future generations. For them, prosperity is less about the individual as it becomes a larger concern with more familial meanings.


  •  Philanthropy. Some investors are driven by ego; others by altruism. Our clients value our vast experience in dealing with various methods of giving, and the costs and benefits of each.


  •  Business succession. Similar to having broad and deep family ties, our clients who have business partners and/or employees recognize that decisions made today can have lasting consequences beyond our lifetimes. Especially important for business owners is the role of a fiduciary and its legal responsibilities and liabilities.