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Founders Capital Management, Inc.

Houston, Texas

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A Sense Of Purpose
Adherence To Discipline
Values And Integrity
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"I shall never surrender or retreat." William B. Travis
 We believe in being resolute in our convictions and intrepid in facing uncertainty, without allowing pride to cloud our vision. In our experience we find that surrendering to emotions can lead to investors making short-sighted decisions, which may leave their financial goals unrealized or unfulfilled.
 We treat our service commitment as having "clients for life." Therefore we are fiercely loyal to the families who engage us, and never retreat from our focus on their best interest.
 We have a written Code of Ethics which governs our conduct in all of our professional activities. We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously, and we strive to always increase the value of the currency of our trade; which is the trust our clients place in us.