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Founders Capital Management, Inc.

Houston, Texas

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"Be always sure you are right, then go ahead." Davy Crockett
 We believe that being right in investing is synonymous with investing wisely, appropriately and confidently. All three facets begin with knowledge and are enhanced with time and experience.
  •  Strict processes. Our investment philosophy and method of securities selection are time-tested and consistent.


  •  Reliable partners. We trust our sources of research to provide us with unbiased and factual information relating to securities, as well as to legal and tax issues.
"Keep under cover boys and reserve your fire." Jim Bowie
 We believe that it is critically important to investing effectively to be able to recognize risk, then take action and manage accordingly.
  •  Buy-sell discipline. Knowing what to sell can be as important as knowing what to buy.


  •  Multiple asset classes. Diversification is an effective tactic and can mean the difference between gains and losses.


  •  Downside protection. Never getting too excited about the prospects of any investment means knowing what to do when things go wrong.